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During the last  few years, it has been my pleasure to network with several talented photographers who have helped me with my photography.  These are all photographers that I consider friends, and I would trust to take my photos.  Here are links to their websites.

Looking for the perfect gift or a special photo for yourself, then check out our Fine Art Photography website:

Troy Bates is a talented photographer in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Among his many talents, is his ability to take great aircraft photographs.  Troy is a pilot, and his love of flying shows in his aviation photos.  You can read more about Troy, and see his work, at his website:

Paul Almendinger lives in northern New Jersey.  His passion is nature photography in general, and bird photography in particular.  If you love wildlife photography, then check out Paul's work at:  or contact him at

Loren Crannell lives in sunny California.  He loves bicycle racing and has a talent for glamour photography.  Professional models have sought him out for portfolio photographs, and his photo credits include photographing models for calenders, as well as comercial photography for ftness centers.  To learn more about his work, go to:

If you love mountain biking, Brian L. Schiele is going to be an inspiration to you.  Mountain biking is his primary passion, and his photography skills allow him to capture and share that passion with others.  Check out his website at .

Brian Force is a very talented photographer who is also fortunate enough to live in the Rocky Mountains.   He is a multi-talented photographer, as his website clearly shows.  I always think of his magnificent landscapes of the Rockies when I think of him.  Check out his work at:

Natalie Holl is a gifted photographer who lives in the New England area.  Nat is an incredibly talented photographer who shoots a variety of subjects well.  I always think of her lovely portraits first, but her nature, still life, and commercial photography are also inspiring.  Last, but certainly not least, she loves digital art, and can make your photo beautiful and unique.  To see more of Natalie's work, go to her website at:

Thomas Hinson is a Carteret County native like myself.  He specializes in large, panoramic, canvas prints.  You can see his work at

Laura Gammons is a talented artist, who's creative genuis has inspired me to push myself to be a better photographer.  While painting is her hobby, she has done some commission work, and done it very well.  It has been my pleasure to provide minor assistance to her (such talented people rarely need any assistance), and I highly recommend her if you are looking for fine art.  You can see Laura's work for yourself at her website:

Precision Shots Photography